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Get Access to the Funds You Need with a No Doc Mortgage in Melbourne

Lending Solutions Group has developed a way that you can get access to the funds you need even if your financial situation isn’t ideal for securing a traditional mortgage. We offer favourable terms to businesses that need financial assistance to make it happen.

Whether you’ve been turned down by a bank in the past or are aware of financial obstacles that are likely to cause a problem, no doc loans may be the solution you need. As you continue reading below, you’ll learn about the differences between a no doc loan and a traditional mortgage, as well as what distinguishes our service from other financial providers. We’ve also assembled a helpful FAQ section that addresses the most common questions we receive. Finally, we’ll highlight several situations that indicate you may benefit from one of these alternatives to a traditional mortgage.

Benefits that a No Doc Home Loan in Melbourne Offers to Our Clients

There are several fundamental ways that Melbourne businesses can benefit from a no doc home loan:

  • You can get approved for a larger loan than is possible with a traditional lender, especially if you have a complicated financial past or bad credit.
  • If you’ve recently become self-employed, traditional lenders may refuse to offer you a loan. In those situations, a no doc home loan is an ideal way to secure finance.
  • No doc home loans are also faster to process and secure, meaning you can get the money you need when you need it. At times when a traditional mortgage would involve weeks of back-and-forth with a broker, Lending Solutions Group can connect you with a lender that has the cash you need ready to go based on the assets you want to leverage.

What Sets Lending Solutions Group Apart as a No Doc Home Loans Provider

We’re not your traditional lender. Banks and investment firms operate by an older code that doesn’t always work for the families that have bills to pay and financial obligations to meet.

  • Our team has been working for over 15 years to provide Australian families with the funds they need to make their dreams a reality. This service time proves that we’re not a fly-by-night operation, but instead a company that has established itself as a leader in the lending industry. We’ve staked our reputation on exceptional service to families just like yours and thrive based on our client-oriented service.
  • We offer multiple lending solutions for those who need a more flexible approach than traditional lenders accommodate. One common way that we help our clients is to offer a consolidation loan that takes multiple payments and combines them into a single loan with one easy payment, often reducing your interest payments at the same time.
  • Our advisors can work with you to design your home loan into a plan for a debt-free future. Everyone deserves an opportunity to break free from crushing financial burdens, and that shouldn’t have to come at the expense of providing unnecessary documentation to traditional lenders or financial institutions. We understand your needs and have a team ready to help you achieve your goals.
  • Traditional mortgages often restrict your options when it comes to using your home’s equity. Generally, homeowners can get the mortgage to cover the closing costs and home purchase, but if they want to access the home’s equity, they must open a separate line of credit. Our lenders can help you free up much more cash for the home improvement projects or fiscal flexibility you need.

We thrive when our clients thrive, so our services represent outside-the-box thinking and present you with an opportunity to achieve your financial dreams sooner than you thought possible.

How to Know if a No Doc Home Loan Is Right for You

Some businesses have developed a long-standing relationship with their local bank or financial service provider and will turn to them when seeking a loan. Unfortunately, banks are impersonal entities and don’t feel the same sense of loyalty or emotional connection that individuals do. It’s heartbreaking when good businesses get declined the financing they deserve to purchase their new home, but such refusals can occur for many reasons. Consider several situations that indicate you may be well-suited for a no doc home loan:

  • Your income situation has recently changed and you don’t have a long history at your new position, or banks consider the income source to be high-risk.
  • You have residential or commercial property that you want to leverage to justify a new loan but would prefer to avoid the red tape and administrative hurdles that banks set in the way.
  • You’ve solicited a loan from several providers already but have been refused. These refusals can be a mark against you for future providers, so you need a provider that’s more understanding about your situation.
  • Several years ago, you encountered financial trouble or were a victim of identity theft. Even though you have resolved the problems and can easily repay any borrowed money, banks still consider you a risk and you need another financial provider.

There are many other reasons that people turn to Lending Solutions Group for financial assistance with their new home purchase. If you’ve encountered any difficulty securing your loan with another financial provider, there may be something that we can do to assist you.

Turn to Lending Solutions Group for Your Mortgage Needs

Our mission is to connect Australian businesses with lenders that can offer real assistance. We’ve trained our team to offer exceptional support to businesses that need it most. When the bank has said “no”, Lending Solutions Group can help you find the “yes” that you deserve. Bypass the challenges and refusals that come with traditional mortgages and instead take advantage of our no doc loans and mortgages. Contact us today to enquire about your potential rates through our lenders and take a big step towards true financial stability.

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Our Services Include:

  • Unpaid defaults / judgments
  • Current mortgage arrears
  • Writs of possession
  • Ex-bankrupts from one day
  • Unlimited debts paid out
  • Unemployment benefits, pensions, parenting payments, family allowance etc
  • And more………

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We’ve compiled a list of the most common questions we receive from those seeking loans.


If you have a question that you didn’t see here, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our customer support team is friendly and ready to provide the answers you need to make an informed decision.

Do I need to provide any documentation to secure these loans?

The “no doc” portion of a no doc loan refers to proof of income. While most lenders we work with will require showing evidence of some current assets, we can connect you with those that need no documentation whatsoever to prove your income.

Am I eligible for a no doc home loan if I’m self-employed?

Self-employment is no obstacle to obtaining a no doc home loan. Our lenders are interested in your financial viability based on your current conditions. While traditional lenders would require at least 24 months’ history showing your income, we understand that your situation may change and that self-employment often represents a significant improvement in your financial independence.

I’ve been declined by a traditional lender. Can I still seek a no doc home loan?

Absolutely. We’ve worked with many families that banks and other traditional lenders refused to assist. Those families have gone on to secure no doc loans with our select lenders that provide financing for those in your exact situation.

I don’t want to share a lot of my personal information with financial institutions - will that reduce my chances of securing a loan?

No. Our lenders work with clients in similar positions. Even if you have documentation to prove income, various financial statements, etc., you won’t need to share more than you’re comfortable sharing. The only thing our lenders will need to see is some evidence of your current financial viability.

I have a bad credit score due to mistakes or unfortunate circumstances in the past. Am I likely to secure a loan?

Yes. We understand that life isn’t always as smooth as traditional lenders expect from their clients. Even the most fiscally responsible Australians run into difficulties from time to time, so we don’t hold that against you. We’ll help you find a lender that knows you still deserve a chance to have a home for your family.

Am I going to have to pay an arm and a leg in interest rates?

The good news is that you won’t have to pay exorbitant interest rates. While the rates may be higher than traditional lenders that require more documentation, you’ll find that our lenders can finance your mortgage at a reasonable rate. These lenders understand that usurious interest rates prevent people from paying back the loans, so they don’t charge excessive rates, often saving our clients heaps of cash.