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Financial self-sufficiency is an admirable goal, but one that many people continue to discover is a difficult one to reach. Circumstances can change without warning, and events in one’s life can lead to disruptions that cause all kinds of financial stress and turmoil. Credit card debt can pile up, bills might sometimes go unpaid, and other issues compound until your credit score isn’t what it once was. These scenarios are both frustrating and upsetting, especially when your monthly payments seem to continue to climb.

Even if you are no longer in a bad spot financially, the after-effects of previous instability can linger for years in the form of a poor credit score and negative marks on your report. In either case, if you decide that pursuing a loan is the best course of action, you will often quickly find that most of the big banks won’t even make you an offer. Those that do will often want an outrageous or exorbitant interest rate, or a whole mess of supporting documentation you simply don’t have. Whether you want to consolidate debt or purchase a home, you can’t make progress without access to assistance from a lender that will give your application a fair chance.

At the Lending Solutions Group, we don’t believe people in situations such as these deserve to be shut off from financial services. Our ability to work with non-conforming lenders to provide low or no doc loans enables us to provide fresh opportunities for those in a wide variety of challenging financial positions. If you’re new to researching your options in this area, there is plenty to learn. What should you know?

What Does It Mean To Be “Non-Conforming”?

This is a phrase that can sound scary the first time you hear it; after all, “non-conforming” doesn’t sound like the kind of thing you’d want to be associated with your financial status. Despite the way it sounds, all this really means is that you do not currently meet (or conform to) the traditional criteria banks use to evaluate suitability for lending. Some of the things that can lead to deeming a borrower “non-conforming” include:

  • A track record with numerous late payments: It can happen to anyone; a car accident or a lost job can lead to reduced income, which in turn leads to mounting debts. More than one late payment can make some lenders question a borrower’s reliability, even if they are in the past.
  • Mortgage arrears: Falling behind on your mortgage payment can be a major source of stress in your life, but even more so when a bank won’t speak to you because you’re behind.
  • A default on a previous loan: Most banks will straightforwardly refuse to lend to a borrower with a prior default.
  • Past bankruptcy: Declaring bankruptcy can disrupt your ability to secure any sort of credit in the future.

If you recognise any one of these signs in your financial history, you’re likely to face struggles with big-name banks when it comes to the approval of your loan application. Alternative options, such as those that we offer, may be the best choice for securing a loan to proceed your plans.

Determining if This Type of Loan is Right for You

How can you be sure if this is the right pathway for you to take? The most obvious answer becomes clear when you visit your bank of choice only to receive a flat “no” when you ask for help with a loan. Consider some of the other signs that say you should contact the Lending Solutions Group soon:

  • You do not have time to wait on the approvals process typically pursued by a traditional bank. In cases where you have a pressing financial need to consolidate debts or to obtain liquid cash, a non-conforming loan may come through more quickly for you.
  • You want to free up equity you’ve built up in your property, but a bank will not provide you with access to as much cash as you’d prefer. Our lenders look for other options and, with the right collateral available, can increase the amount you receive now.
  • You want to lower your interest rates, but other lenders won’t agree to a refinance. Let us take a second look to see what’s possible.

Take the First Steps Towards Your Financial Future Today

Though an inability to go to the big banks can be a source of frustration, the ability to tap into assistance from non-conforming lenders is invaluable. With the team at Lending Solutions Group working on your application, you can trust that you will be able to explore some fresh options for your next steps. With our straightforward process, transparent communication, and large number of financial connections, we can help to remove some of the stress from your life. Whether you’re ready to consolidate debt and get your budget back on track or it is time to find a larger home for your family, we’ll work hard to provide you with as many workable options as possible.

Ready to take the next steps today? Fill out our free quote form, including information such as the type of loan you’d like to request, how much, and the current value of your assets. Need more information first? Have a conversation with one of our friendly team members about non conforming mortgage lenders today. Request a callback at your convenience.

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Our Services Include:

  • Unpaid defaults / judgments
  • Current mortgage arrears
  • Writs of possession
  • Ex-bankrupts from one day
  • Unlimited debts paid out
  • Unemployment benefits, pensions, parenting payments, family allowance etc
  • And more………

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have a number of credit card debts, a mortgage and a car loan. I have trouble making the repayments. Can I lower my repayments?

Yes, you can do this through debt consolidation.

Debt consolidation allows you to transfer your personal loans and credit card debt to your home loan or mortgage. Because your interest rate on your home loan is often lower than the interest rate on other borrowings, you will benefit through lower repayments.

Before you consolidate your debts, it is useful to consider the following:

By consolidating your debts you will still have the same amount of debt. It is only your regular repayments that will decrease. This gives you a financial advantage, because you can use the difference to pay off your debts quicker.

Contact us today to see how much you can save on your repayments through debt consolidation.

What would my monthly repayments be?

Your monthly repayments are determined by such things as the loan amount, interest rate, loan term, principal and interest or interest only etc. Lending Solutions Group can offer very competitive rates for any type of loan. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

I'm self employed and am finding it difficult to borrow money. Can you help?

As long as you have an active ABN we can organise a loan for you without the hassle of submitting tax returns. Low-doc loans are often used by the self-employed to get access to funds without having to submit all the paperwork the banks often ask for. In our experience we often get you the same interest rates that you would pay if you did have completed tax returns.
Contact us and find out how we can help you.

What Do You Need to Supply to Start Your Loan Application?

Ready to start taking the next steps? We look forward to the opportunity to assist you. Before you get in touch with our team, take this opportunity to gather any necessary documentation and supporting evidence that you might use to support your application. Though our non-conforming and low doc loans do not have the onerous requirements you will hear demanded by a loan officer; it is always better to have more information on hand. This info can include data about your current financial situation, the current value of your assets (such as commercial or residential property), and of course the amount of the loan you’d like to seek. After gathering this information, please get in touch with our team at your convenience. Should we need anything else, we’ll let you know without delay so that your application can proceed.

How Lending Solutions Group Helps You Find the Best Option Available

Now it’s our turn to go to work for you, searching for the best options to save you money and to get your loan approved once and for all. Over our years in operation, we’ve formed valuable partnerships with many lenders who prefer to serve individuals outside of the traditional criteria for approval. Using your information and our skills, we hunt down the best deals and bring them back for your approval. With several loan options to choose from, you can trust that you’ll be able to apply for the loan that is best suited for your personal financial situation. Within about four weeks from your initial point of contact with us, we can have your loan approved. Having cash in hand to consolidate your debts or to buy a home is only a phone call away with our help.

Using Non-Conforming Lenders in Melbourne to Consolidate Your Debts

What are some of the things you can do when you obtain a loan through our assistance?

Debt consolidation is one of the most popular options. Do you find yourself swamped by so many minimum monthly payments that you can’t ever get ahead with your debt? When your credit cards have got out of control, consolidating all those payments into one is often the best idea. Not only can you take the loan and pay off your cards to free up space on your credit lines, but you may be able to achieve an overall monthly payment lower than what you faced before. The result is a more manageable way to tackle paying down your debt. Just remember — it’s important to avoid falling into the same financial hole. Consolidation doesn’t eliminate your current debt load. Instead, it combines many obligations into one easy payment.


Acquire a Better Living Space with Non Conforming Mortgage Lenders

Many people aspire to become homeowners at some point in their lives because it represents not only the potential for financial independence but also a stable place to stay for the long-term. A property may even become a family heirloom to pass down to your children. When a chequered financial past continues to limit your options even today, though, the dream of homeownership can seem as though it is out of reach. Our access to non-conforming mortgage lenders tells us that’s not true.

Instead, we help buyers and current homeowners all the time. For example, our non conforming mortgage lenders can help you to refinance your home to reduce your monthly mortgage payments and potentially improve your interest rate. If you have your eye on a particular home but you cannot find a lender willing to provide you with an acceptable mortgage, we know how to work our sources to find the right loan among the many hundreds of offers available. Find out how a better approach to homeownership is within your reach today.