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Bad credit or can’t get a loan with a bank?

You are not alone, many Australians have had a history of late payments, loan defaults or have fallen behind on their mortgage payments. We will seek to provide a loan for you even if you have poor credit history or don’t meet the standards of the bank. We guarantee a loan that suits your personal situation.

You want to consolidate your existing debts into one, easy to manage, low-interest payment?

Consolidate all your debt from credit cards, personal loans and car loans into one, easy mortgage repayment each period and let us show you the repayment savings with one low interest rate. Get a free confidential consultation today and a detailed obligation free plan of action when allowing us to provide a debt consolidation loan solution. Contact us today and begin saving now.

Are you self-employed and don’t have a full required proof of income?

If you don’t have an established, verifiable proof of income, or work for yourself with an active ABN, resulting in irregular income, we can give you a choice of Low Doc Loans tailored to your exact circumstance. We can get you an extremely competitive interest rate without the hassle of submitting tax returns. These loans are still available for clients with perfect credit history as well as poor credit.

Looking for a better interest rate for a new or existing home loan?

With excellent access to hundreds of loans, contact us for a free quote to show you how much you can save by working with us. Allow us to use our expertise and passion to provide you with the best financial solutions for your individual circumstances. We don’t rest until we have achieved guaranteed exceptional results for our customers. Your money should be serving your needs, not the needs of the banks.

Private Money

For company borrowers who want to borrow money against their residential or commercial property without having to jump over the hurdles or red tape imposed by the banks. A fast and flexible asset lend secured against quality assets in good metro locations to 65% loan to value ratio.

Cash Out

Many lenders will restrict the amount of equity you can release from your property or what it can be used for. Our lenders think outside the square and will release large amounts of unrestricted cash out, freeing cash up for the purpose you need.

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